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Burberry Re


Brief: Create an original, future-facing communication strategy for Burberry. 

Inspiration from research: The controversy of Burberry burning millions worth of unsold goods in 2018 was the inspiration to create a communication strategy that could counter the controversy while also maintaining the value of unwanted products. There is also a consideration to uphold the brands prestige while contributing to Burberry's social and environmental objectives. 

The idea: To continue to expand ways to reuse and revalue products and materials the strategy was for Burberry to collaborate with multi-discipline creatives, particularly new and up and coming creatives, with a strong subset following. The aim of which to create a limited edition Burberry Rewritten collection using only Burberry's unsold goods. This is also an opportunity for the house to diversify its offering and broaden its consumer reach. Independent womenswear brand MERCI ME was used as an example of one collaboration. A 360 campaign was developed, along with a product, photoshoot and promotional materials.


Samples of the work are below, get in touch if you'd like to see/know more.

Research / Communications Strategy / Art Direction / Photography / Press Release / Campaign Strategy / Sustainability / Product Design / Creative Direction / Photoshoot

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