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The Brief: Digitally present a communication campaign, produce a digital brandzine, editorial photoshoot and short film for Agnès b.

Agnès b: A visual research book was created and concepts were developed based on research for a photoshoot, brandzine and film. For this project I underwent the full film production process to create a short film; concept, moodboard, storyboarding, shot lists, scripting, casting, location, filming and editing. A photoshoot was planned and used as an editorial for the brandzine. The full scope of editorial planning was adopted for the brandzine; graphic design, page layout & flat plan, story writing, content creation and editing. A logo was developed for the concept.

The concept: Titled Sunday's Girl, the concept centred around emotional engagement by personifying Agnès b as Sundays girl to create a story telling campaign. Sunday's girl would become a sort of brand ambassador communicating with its consumers through story telling, particularly about her Sunday - the day to be unashamedly yourself. There is creative scope to develop further digital activities to engage consumers.


The final film was a peep-hole of one Sunday morning, told by a story inspired by Jacques Prévert - Dimanche poem and narrated in French. The visual direction was inspired by Wes Anderson's mastery of visual story telling taking particular cues from his art nouveau colour palette, interesting points of view through idiosyncrasies, vocal narration and creating a micro-world.


The photoshoot was shot on location in tandem with filming to maintain a connection between the two forms of communication. In keeping with the idea that Sunday was a self-day, the brandzine focused on the senses to articulate the act of Sunday being an active choice to experience the day through sense. 


A collaboration with French cocktail drink Ély was proposed to create a Sunday's girl tastemark.

Samples of the final work are below. Get in touch if you'd like to see/know more.

Director / Editor / Idea Generation / Creative & Art Direction / Film Production & direction / Photoshoot / Magazine / Layout / Styling / Advertising / Presentation




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